Soapbox Thursday: Lawsuit Filed Against FDA

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The other day my friend, Jill, over at Real Food Forager wrote this interesting article about  the FDA being sued over unsafe antibiotic use in animals by the Union of Concerned Scientists. Who’ve been fighting preventative antibiotics for more that 30 years:

“We’ve been fighting the non-therapeutic use of antibiotics in livestock for more than 30 years…And over those decades the problem has steadily worsened. We hope this lawsuit will finally compel the FDA to act with an urgency commensurate with the magnitude of the problem.” ~Margaret Mellon

It’s things like this that really get my goat (Yes, I’m trying to be funny). And not just my goat but things that effect the livestock that populate and feed our world.

It’s frustrating to me to hear about people giving animals antibiotics as a preventative against getting sick. Since 1976 it’s been proved, first by Professor Stuart Levy, and by study after study it that giving antibiotics to prevent disease breed antibiotic-resistant bacteria! In both animals and humans, and what are we seeing now? An outbreak of “super-bugs” or antibiotic-resistant bacteria. It doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together. So it begs the question:

What is really driving these “preventative antibiotics”?

Well one of the reasons, and I believe the top reason is to promote growth. They’re trying to grow animals bigger, fatter, faster. After they’ve found a way to do it I don’t think they’re going to give it up easily or without a fight. Especially since traditional methods don’t produce meat fast enough – not for our society.

After all we’ve been taught that:

  • Anything we want we should be able to buy anytime (so we don’t have to buy seasonally).
  • Eating only want one part of an animal (like chicken thighs or pork ribs) is okay. Learning to eat/use every part (or most) of animals makes it easier for farmers to provide for us because minimizes needless waste of no one wanting to eat a certain part of an animal.

This is why it’s so important for us to buy from local farmers who don’t use antibiotics proactively, and to learn to use whole chickens or utilize different cuts of pork or beef as much as possible.

I say all that, but I don’t mean that if you still use only chicken thighs that you’re wrong. Just that I believe we should try to get all the use out of our meats and bones as possible.

Why do you purchase meats from your local farmers?

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