Can I Have Arugula on GAPS

Recently on the forums, we got the question of when to introduce arugula into the diet. This sent me back to Gut and Psychology Syndrome to see if it was on the Allowed Foods List.

It wasn’t there.

But it wasn’t on the Avoid Foods List either so I put on my detective cap. Using my powers of keen intellect I thought through all of my files on arugula. There weren’t many – at all.
Arugula - Steamy Kitchen
Most of what I could remember was being introduced to it at our local farmers market years ago. The lady had specifically gotten us into baby arugula. Tender leaves that remind you of spinach with a slight pepper kick. Wonderful sauteed with onions in butter and good as an extra “bam” in salads.

Good memories. But still I couldn’t figure out if it was allowed or not. That’s when I remembered a neat lettuce quiz I had taken over at Steamy Kitchen called Do You Know Your Lettuce Varieties?. Realizing I thought a lettuce quiz was cool I thought, “Wow, I’m a food geek”.

At any rate arugula is listed as a type of lettuce! Bingo. Lettuce (all kinds) is listed as allowed on the GAPSâ„¢ diet. Hopefully that makes some of you deliriously happy. Whatever you think of this crazy post take a leap of faith and try a new lettuce variety, who knows it might become a new favorite.

Let me know your score on the quiz – I got 10 (including arugula!).

The picture is from the lettuce quiz on

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