Feeding Someone Who’s Always Hungry

Recently I got a comment from Vivian Wong:

My autistic son is 10 yrs old. He is always extremely difficult when he is hungry. GAPS does not allow rice, potato, bread, biscuit which are his main source of filling foods. I would like to put him on the GAPS diet if there is an alternative food that can make him feel full.

Please give me some suggestions as to how to keep my son from feeling hungry while on the GAPS diet.

Well, Vivian this question made me have to take time and think. Personally I had the opposite problem – of always feeling full – and that has normalized so the same would be true for always being hungry. I have known several people who just never felt full when they got on the GAPSâ„¢ diet, it takes a little perseverance but you can change it.
Little Boy
You said your son gets extremely difficult when he is hungry, and though you might not want to go through it you may have to push through a time of him being extremely difficult. It will pass, and even though it’s hard not giving in will finally win the day.

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

Now for my suggestions.

1. It’s feeding time! Oh, no!

If you have Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride I would strongly suggest you read the section called “It’s feeding time! Oh, no!”. It is full of helpful tips and you might find a more gradual approach to the diet is easier for you and your son.

2. Plenty of Fat and Protein

One of the tricks to feeling full is eating lots of good fats and protein. If that means your son starts out eating some every couple of hours so be it. Instead of letting him fill up on grains, starches, and sugars give him:

  • full fat broth
  • liver pate
  • cheese
  • meats with fat drizzled on them
  • nuts
  • etc

You might even want to carry around a thermos of broth with sour cream (if he can have dairy) for him to drink when he gets hungry. Whatever full fat, healthy snack you can get him to eat you should switch him to.

No matter how much rice, potato, bread, or biscuits he eats he will always get ravenous as soon as it’s out of his body, since it only feeds the bad bacteria which cries for more as soon as it’s gone.

If he has a strong sweet tooth take butter, coconut oil, or ghee and mix in some honey to taste. Let him take a spoonful of that occasionally, it balances blood sugar and also give him more fat.

But the key is fat, fat, and more fat.


I was fat-phobic when I started the diet, and now I eat more than I ever thought possible. Just increase it slowly.

3. Gut Healing

I believe one of the reasons we either always feel full or are always hungry is because our gut’s are not working. The only thing that will resolve this is time. Time for our gut to heal. Time to feel what real hunger pangs feel like. That’s why we’re on this diet so long, healing takes time.

I hope this has been helpful Vivian, and any other moms out there who are struggling with this. If you need more help there are two things more you can do:

1.) Join the GAPS forum and start a discussion there about this. (a shameless plug, I know :) )

2.) Email me and we can talk more about your specific situation. I might be able to give you some tailored advice, but most of all I would love to give you any support you need. Contact Info.

And now, my dear readers, let’s gather around Vivian with help and advice.

What can she do to help her son feel full?

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11 thoughts on “Feeding Someone Who’s Always Hungry”

  1. For something sweet, I like nuts and dried fruit. Pecans and raisins, pecans and dates, peanuts and cranberries…Yum.

    Broth with pureed squash is a fave, especially butternut or cushaw.

  2. I am breastfeeding on the gaps diet, and I have this same problem: always hungry. One thing that keeps me going is dripping my homemade gaps yogurt and then pressing it under a plate (with a weight on top) while it is still in the towel for about an hour. This makes a very filling kind of cream cheese. Or you could try it on cucumbers with salt on top.

    1. Yogurt cheese is wonderful. I like sweetening it a little and spreading it on top of pancakes with applesauce (or other fruit puree) on top. Delicious! I’ll have to try it with cucumbers this year though – it sounds great!

  3. OMG! I am so glad that I read this!!! PLEASE HELP!!! I am going through the same thing! Yesterday I started the diet and I had a REALLY hard time last night. I am one who has a hard time eating through the day and tend to get busy and not eat so I know when I have not eaten enough (foggy brain, I slump over and get a migraine) all of which happened last night! all day I had veggies and broth (with coconut oil because I have no idea how you go with just veggie and broth allllll day!) I felt ok all day then ate dinner and felt awful. I tried to fight it but I gave in and had an apple, yogurt and a slice of cheese with another cup of broth with coconut oil… which brings me up to 2000 calories and made me be able to sleep through the night. How will I ever get through the INTRO?????!!! HELP!!!! oh and also, I have normal regular stools and since yesterday – nothing. I am starting this diet for yeast overgrowth and heartburn (which gets worse when I don’t eat enough)

    1. Hi Jackie,

      First remember that you are allowed meats. Being on the intro isn’t just veggies and broth. You’ll want to have poached meats. Chicken, beef, pork, etc.

      Second you need to stop counting calories on this. You’re trying to repair your body and so you need to eat as much as your body wants to keep you nourished.

      Third be careful with putting coconut oil in all your broth. It’s a great oil, but it increases metabolism and can make you more hungry so you might want to not put so much in your broth.

      Fourth please make sure you’re getting probiotics. As far as stools are concerned when you’re doing mainly a liquid diet you won’t have as many, but putting probiotic in can help. So 24 hour yogurt, sauerkraut juice, or BioKult is a great place to start.

      Finally if you find that even after trying all I’ve said above you can always just go straight to Full GAPS, and watch your sugar intake for a while, since your problems are minor and see how well it works for you. I hope this helps.

      Sending hugs your way.

  4. Thanks Hannah! I forgot to say that I was eating meats (beef, fish and eggs). I am bad about counting calories but its backwards then most. If I don’t count then I get too low for numerous days and then I get really really bad. I count to hold myself accountable because for some reason I just (most of the time) don’t want to eat. I may try the Full Gaps and then go back down once I feel more sure of myself. I just got my probiotics and just started fermenting foods (cept yogurt. I have always have yogurt. ) are there any foods on the full gaps that I should keep out till I start feeling better? and THANKS for the tip on coconut oil! I thought I was doing a good thing! any tips for getting more fats in? and can I eat something a couple times a day if I am needing something more? I have been gluten free and milk free (I always ate yogurt) for a few years but I ate a lot of gluten free bread so I think this might help even doing the Full and hopefully I will feel up to doing the intro soon! I have to say I love the support from everyone online!!! THANK YOU!

    1. Your welcome Jackie.

      You might want to avoid honey and fruits for a little to work on your yeast over growth. But other than that…

      I want to make sure you know that coconut oil IS a good thing. Very good and healthful. I just find when I’m only eating broth, veggies, and poached meats that it revs up my metabolism to much and makes me really hungry. For other fats you can do butter or olive oil (drizzled on veggies, in salad dressings, etc), lard, or 24 hour sour cream.

      I hope that helps you, and if you have any more problems please let me know!

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