7 Uses for Lavender Oil

I’ve never liked the smell of lavender oil. I don’t know why it just always made me wrinkle my nose.
On the other hand my Mom and sister love the scent. In fact one time my little sister decided, since she liked the scent so much, she would take a water bottle with several drops of lavender essential oil and spray the room with it. Our room.

I was not happy. But the scent eventually left and we both were happy.

When I was a teenager I started struggling with leg cramps. Horrible ones that would leave me with a calf muscle so tight I could barely walk for the next 3 days. That’s when my Mom tried to get me to try putting lavender oil on my leg.
[quote_right]Just in case you had no idea it would work them.[/quote_right]
Eventually I tried it. I couldn’t believe how well it worked. That’s when I began to love lavender oil. I can’t say that it’s my favorite scent (peppermint probably is), but I wanted to share 7 different ways you can use it.

1.) Leg Cramps

The first use I think of for this oil is, of course, leg cramps. It’s usually best to put the oil on as soon as possible for maximum relief, but you can even do it the next day and it will help your leg relax.

2.) Menstrual Cramps

The absolute best use for lavender oil is to relieve menstrual cramps. Hands down. I think it works better than aspirin or other pain reliever. Usually it begins working in 10-15 minutes.

3.) Sore Muscles (Massage Oil)

I think this might be the most common use for it. My neck can get so tight sometimes, but if I rub some lavender oil into it and sleep on it when I wake up in the morning voila! my neck’s better. But you don’t have to save this massage for when you’re in pain, pamper yourself.


4.) Headaches

They sneak up on all of us sometimes, but just like for menstrual cramps, lavender oil should be your first choice (before aspirin) because it generally works just as well, if  not better. I also have other tips on how to deal with headaches, if you want to hear them let me know.


5&6.) Insect Repellant and Bites

I get bit up. So does my sister, and we don’t react well. Mosquito bites can leave us with welts the size of quarters or larger. Do others react like this? We usually wear Buzz Away Extreme, but if we don’t have it on hand (or we have one of those drive-you-crazy bites) we put lavender oil on. It helps to keep the mosquito away and takes down swelling and itching.

Just simply put 2-4 drops of lavender essential oil in a carrier oil (jojoba or olive oi) and rub it on.

7.) Room Deodorizer

Living Room

All the scents we put in our houses aren’t necessary. From the ones you plug into the wall to the ones you spray in the bathroom, living room, and on the couch – they all mess with your nose. A good explanation is in this article “One Man’s Meat, Another Man’s Poison”.

But sometimes we like scents in our homes, and if you want to have a safe, green, gentle solution the simple way is to make your own.

Take a spray bottle, add lavender essential oil (or other essential oils you like), and water. Spray it just like you would other deodorizers. It won’t cover the scent like the chemical one will, but it will give a nice smell. And if it’s not strong enough just add more essential oil.

I hope you enjoyed my favorite uses for Lavender Oil.
I’ll be sharing soon my favorite lavender massage oil.

Do you use lavender? And if so what for?

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9 thoughts on “7 Uses for Lavender Oil”

  1. Another great use for lavender essential oil is burns. I keep a bottle in the kitchen for just this purpose and have used it several times. The last time I used it was when I accidently poor hot grease on my hand – I swear if it were not for the lavender ess. oil I would have had a third degree burn with blisters. Instead the next day there was just the faintest mark on my hand where the grease had been. Simply amazing.

  2. Hi, I’ve been using this (miraculous) oil for almost everything. I use it often for insomnia, stress-relief, neck pain or any other pain – tried it on my wrist where I’ve suffered from repetitive stress using a mouse working on the computer and it worked almost instantly. I also use it for any itching from insect bites to hives to dried skin and was amazed that lavender oil works for any bacterial or fungal or even viral infections. I’ve just tried it yesterday when I got sore red eyes from researching images in my phone and looking at the screen 12 hours or so per day for a whole week :( and surprisingly, after applying a tiny amount by stroking my eyebrows with lavender oil, the redness and even the gunk disappeared overnight. My husband has also been a bit of a Guinea pig lol. He had a red patch in the inside part of his elbow (elbow pit?) and has had it for more than six months. He’s gone to the pharmacy and bought lots of different anti fungal creams and some with steroids and some with an AWFUL smell! While some worked, he found that the red patch came back as soon as he stopped using the creams. He’s one of those people who couldn’t stand the smell of lavender lol and refuses to use natural cures and believes fully in science and medicine. So it took a lot of persuading to apply the lavender oil to his red patch. After a few days, he was amazed it was actually disappearing instead of growing after his steroid creams, and a week later it had disappeared completely and his skin was normal and you wouldn’t even realise he’d had that red patch in the first place. He’s so impressed with the effectiveness of lavender oil that he now asks for it and I’ve finally had to give him one of my bottles! I have stocked up on many bottles now and will start to give them to anyone who needs it – especially when medicine doesn’t work. I use 100% pure lavender oil and apply it neat. Make sure if you’ve never tried it that you don’t get anything other than 100% pure lavender otherwise it won’t be effective and could cause further irritation and also if it’s not 100% it won’t smell nice. In fact you will be put off by the smell if the oil is not 100% or a good quality.

  3. Oh just remembered, the reason I started using lavender oil in the first place was due to a nagging cough I had from a nasty flu virus which lasted two months. I had been on 4 courses of antibiotics and finally started feeling well but the coughing remained for weeks no matter what I did (even changed my diet and took vitamin supplements). I then tried lavender oil as a last resort. I applied it on the left and right side of my neck (left of the throat and right of the throat, on the front as well as the back and rubbed it in for 5 seconds) and also rubbed it in the middle of my chest. I did this at least once a day and sometimes twice. My coughing stopped in a few days :)

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