Top 7 Reasons to Attend the 2011 Weston A. Price Conference

Sadly I’m not going this year. I would love to be able to, but alas… Now that I got my melodramatic moment out I want to tell you why I think it’s a wonderful thing to attend – if you can.

7.) The Food


Okay, I may have never been, but my Mom went last year and she had me drooling when she described all the wonderful food. Piles of bacon, loads of eggs, cheese, butter… what could be better? You only get breakfast and dinner, but it seems worth it.
I just need to heal myself enough so I can handle bacon again.

6.) Silent Auction

Buy and ticket and try to win many prizes, especially the Gapalicious app that I will be giving away there! I believe there will be one app given away each day the auction runs – I’m still setting that up – but expect to see it there.

Credit Cards

5.) The Vendors

Tables will be set up with all sorts of goodies you can buy. From food to books and beyond. I do have to recommend that if you’re on a tight budget you might want to leave your credit card behind. Just saying.

4.) Listening to the Banquet’s Keynote Speech

Dr. Mercola will be giving it this year and I’m excited as it seems like two of the biggest alternative health groups (Weston A. Price and are beginning to come together. It just seems like these two groups have needed to come together for a long time and it seems like it’s this year.
And if you haven’t yet seen it you might want to listen to Dr. Mercola interview Dr. Natasha.

3.) Meeting Other Like Minded People


One of the most encouraging things to me can be meeting people who eat the way or think the way I do. It makes me feel normal, and since I usually feel like “odd man out” it seems like talking with others, especially about GAPSâ„¢, would be so cool. Personally I would love hearing everyone’s story about why there on GAPS and how it’s helped them.

If you want to share yours with me I would love to hear it.

2.) The Nutrivene Table

I love Nutrivene. They will have BioKult that you can buy at the show. If you haven’t tried the pro-biotic yet I would highly recommend it. It really does make a difference. Enjoy looking at their table, it will definitely be filled with great stuff.

Wise Traditions Conference ~ Dallas, TX ~ November 11-14 2010

1.) Dr. Natasha will be speaking!

This is definitely my favorite reason to go – surprising right? Dr. Natasha is a good speaker and if you feel confused about anything on the diet she can definitely clear it up for you. Sometimes just listening to her speak is enough for me, and I’m hoping they will do another Q&A question. So if you have a question write it down, just in case.

I hope everyone that’s going will enjoy themselves;
I would love to hear what you learn, see, and the fun you have.

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