How to Answer Any GAPS Question

Can I…? What about…? How do I…?

We all have so many questions about the GAPSâ„¢ diet. I know I’ve asked many questions, but one thing I’ve come to understand in life – to wax philosophical for a moment – it’s okay to ask questions, but we need to know where to go for answers. (Philosophy done, you can breathe now.)

Since several questions I’ve gotten have followed the same line I figured I should share with you how I’ve been able to answer any GAPS question I’ve had.

There is a hierarchy to this, but once I’ve laid it out you should be able to answer most questions you have as well.
Gut and Psychology Syndrome

1.) Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

Hopefully you aren’t tired of me saying this, but Gut and Psychology Syndrome is something you should definitely read. If you don’t have a copy buy one or borrow it from a friend if possible. Ideally you should have it in a readily accessible space, so whenever you have a question you can pull it out flip through the index in the back and see if you can find anything related to your question.

2.) The FAQ page

This is a wealth of knowledge right here ladies and gents. It has answered so many questions I couldn’t find an answer to in the book, and some I would have never thought to ask.
The best part is it’s free, and once you’re on the page you can either scroll through the convenient sections or use the search function (press and hold ctrl then press f) and type in milk, vinegar, autism, or some word that relates to your question. It’s the reason why I was brave enough to try cocoa.

3.) Read the Article One Man’s Meat, Another Man’s Poison

Written by Dr. Natasha this has been a huge help to me, and I use it for myself and when answering others all the time. This is a must read in my opinion. It’s answered a huge number of questions for me.

But if you’ve done all these things and still have a question you can always try:GAPS App

  • If you’re having trouble with what to eat one what stage and or what foods are allowed the GAPalicious app may help you (this isn’t a sales pitch).

You can look on these blogs for answers:

You can also go to the GAPS Forums, join if you aren’t yet a member (it’s free!), and post your question there. It’s a growing community and we will be happy to take a crack at your question.

And last but not least you can always leave me a comment. I love getting questions, especially the one’s that stump, and will try to answer them all.

How do you answer your GAPS questions?

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