Gift Ideas: Le Creuset Love

If you’re still looking for Christmas gifts I wanted to give you a couple extra ideas. Specifically Le Creuset one’s.

And they come in wonderful colors. Here are a few of my favorites.

Their Petite Round Casserole is wonderful to keep salt in. We keep ours beside the stove and use in during cooking.

Rectangle Dish

I would love to own on of their Rectangular Dishes it would be perfect for casseroles.

Stock Pot;

The Enamel-on-Steel 8-Quart Covered Stockpots look really neat, and I wonder how they would do at making stock and soup.

The other thing I would love to have is one of their French Ovens. They have so many uses and one of my favorite things about Le Crueset pans is how easy they are to clean. (They’re almost like non-stick, without the Teflon.)

What are your favorite Le Crueset Items?

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