Losing Weight, Being Healthier Tip #1

Well, like it or not it’s that time of year. The get healthier/weigh less time. Trust me I understand why we decide to finally get rid of those last few pounds every January 1st – we’re ready to feel better.
It seemed like every New Year, for year after year of being overweight, I would get excited. This was the year – the year – that I would change all my bad eating habits, finally break through my weight issues, and become a totally new person.

But it never seemed to work out.

What did finally work was implementing small steps towards being a healthier person. Some seemed bigger then others, but in the long run they added up to a healthier body that was naturally thinner.

This week I want to focus on three steps or tips that can jump start your health this year. So that instead of deciding to lose 20 pounds or get healthy all at once you can implement something you can keep.

Whether or not you’re new to healthy eating or been eating this way long time I hope that you’ll be encouraged to start this year out well, but most importantly that you’ll share what you’ve learned. What’s worked for you, after all I’m just passing on what others taught me.

As a side note I’m going to be breaking these ideas into 2 levels:

  • Lean
  • Lean and Mean

Lean will be the easier of the two, and specifically for those new to these ideas. While Lean and Mean will be about taking it up a notch for those of us who’ve been eating healthier for a while.

Wherever you are you’re an encouragement to me.

So here’s Tip #1.

This was one of my biggest aha’s when I started to slim down. When I stopped eating sugars and artificial sweeteners it was like I started deflating. The hard thing is they’re everywhere, but the more I learned to avoid sugar, corn syrup, and high fructose corn syrup (sometimes labelled as glucose) my weight journey got a lot easier.

[title]Lean Challenge[/title]
Cut out artificial sweeteners (if you consume any), corn syrup, and high fructose syrup that’s in your diet. Try to be more discerning about the sugar you consume – you might want to try switching to Rapadura sugar or molasses as more natural sweeteners.

This is really about seeing what you’re eating and to begin to understand what you’re putting in your body.

[title]Lean and Mean Challenge[/title]
Along with following the Lean challenge try to remove sugar and molasses from your diet. Limiting yourself to honey (raw is best) and dried fruit is one of the best things you can do. Both are packed full of nutrients – minerals and such – that help the body and are much more satisfying.

I hope that you’ve found this interesting and will be checking back on Thursday and Saturday to see Tips 2 and 3! Feel free to leave a comment with your best tip for being a healthier person, I’d love to hear it!

These challenges are not designed for people on the GAPS diet. But to be a stepping stone toward getting on GAPS if that’s what you desire or just to be more healthy.

1.You are Beautiful  2. Sweet

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5 thoughts on “Losing Weight, Being Healthier Tip #1”

  1. Hi. Just found your site via RealFoodForager. A lot of this is new information for me and I do appreciate it. My question is – does anyone have experience with Lo Han? Everything I read was very positive (concealed advertising?), that it was all natural, etc. However, I purchased the product and experienced side effects very similar to those of aspartame. I e-mailed Jarrow and they basically blew me off. With a long history of allergies and side effects, don’t know if it was me, or indeed the product. Thanks.

    1. I don’t really know a lot about Lo Han, but if you feel like it’s giving you side effects trust your body. I would steer away from Lo Han and stick with more natural sweeteners like honey and dried fruit (if you’re not on GAPS molasses and stevia can also be nice to use).

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