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Recently I heard from Juliette who runs, and was excited to learn that readers in the UK (and Europe) can have access to GAPS products like:

So if you live on the other side of “the pond” check it out.

If any of my readers are from over in the UK would you mind sharing what places you usually buy GAPS products from? I would love to add them to my resource page (which I’m trying to grow).

This link is on my resource page along with may other ideas to get you started or help you on the GAPS diet Check it out, and come back Thursday for a simple muffin recipe.

Photo from thebadastromomer.

3 thoughts on “UK/European GAPS Online Store”

  1. Hi Hannah, I checked out your resources page the other day and saw this website. I hadn’t come across it before so it was a suprise that we have a GAPs store here in the UK. I usually buy from the Nutricentre who sell supplements and books (not always shown on the website – sometimes you have to call and ask) Nutricentre offer a 20% discount on all products if you are a member of the charity Treating Autism. They sell all the items you listed above but not the Nutrivene products as far as I know.

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