#1 Tip for Making Creamy Mayo

Not being able to buy mayo was hard in the beginning. I mean, really, no other recipe seems to taste like the jars on the shelf. But, once you get used to making your own the flavor is really good.

If you’re still struggling with the flavor let me know below and I can write a post on flavor troubleshooting, but back to the subject at hand…

What I really missed was the creamy texture. It seemed like silky, smooth mayo was what professional chefs made, and seriously, if they told me to hand whisk I would have probably screamed. Uh, no. I like quick and easy. But my Mom came up with the perfect solution.

Use a food processor (affiliate link).

The top of your food processors compact cover usually has a little cup with a hole in it. So all you have to do is put all the ingredients (except your oil) in the food processor and turn it on. Then fill the little cup with oil and let it slowly drizzle in, filling the cup when it’s drained to far, until all the oil is gone.

Voila! That easy. That quick. And that simple.

Have you had any aha’s in the kitchen lately?

7 thoughts on “#1 Tip for Making Creamy Mayo”

  1. Maybe it’s the pastry chef in me, but I just prefer to do things by hand. (My hands are not such big fans of it, but they do complain a little less these days.)
    But, I just wanted to let you in on a little secret….. go into any professional kitchen that makes it’s own mayo and you WILL NOT find them whisking it by hand. Food processor, vitamix, or a stand mixer are the weapons of choice. Gadgets are a professional chef’s best friend. Anything to make food prep a litter quicker/easier!

    1. Thank you so much for letting me in on the secret Asta! :) For the most part I like doing things by hand as well, but mayo just seems like it would take forever and if that was the only way to get super creamy mayo I’m not sure I would do it (we go through it quickly at our house).

      (By the way it’s really neat that you’re a pastry chef.)

      1. Well… former pastry chef. I realized about 2 years ago now that my job was killing me and I needed to make some changes. Sadly, I thought just cutting out gluten would do the trick. Instead, it quickly made things worse until I was having allergic reactions to absolutely everything and very underweight. Hooray for GAPS;D
        If you are ever feeling adventurous and want to try it by hand… (I don’t mind it, but I usually only use 2-4 yolks at a time. We have to make sure food is really fresh around here and we just don’t go through it very quick since I am STILL in stage one and not eating it.) The trick for whipping things quickly is to have a much bigger bowl than you need so you can really beat it without worrying about a mess. Room temperature eggs will help too. If you don’t have a third hand to slowly drizzle the olive oil, make a ring with a dish towel to set the bowl on and hold it in place. Don’t forget to whip the yolks until light and thick before you start adding the oil. Not necessary to do it by hand these days, but nice to know some tricks when you have to.

        1. Yes, hooray for GAPS! I know that going gluten free made me quickly go worse… I can’t say I recommend going “gluten free” anymore because most people take that to mean the GF junk on shelves, and I know what that can cause.
          I love the tips for making the mayo by hand! I wonder if it would work better when making Russian Custard to have a bigger bowl. My sister likes the Russian custard but it takes so long to beat so she doesn’t do it often. But maybe that’s the trick cause we tend to choose a smaller bowl. Hmm. I’ll let her know. :)

          1. I didn’t even go towards the GF junk for more than about 2 months (And minimally because it’s so pricey). I’ve also never liked all the additives that go into that stuff. I don’t think that is the only problem with going GF. Even on a whole foods diet (if not the right foods), it can cause more problems too. I’ve never heard of russian custard. The first thing I thought of was Bavarian cream… one of my favorites. (Which could probably easily be GAPS legal, but I don’t get to experiment with pastries much because we are on a pretty tight budget.) I found this recipe (http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/russian-custard/). I’m assuming it’s what you were talking about. It reminds me of zabaione…. almost the same thing except you flavor it with a sweet wine and cook it over a water bath. It gets a little thicker that way and you can fold whipped cream into it, which gives it a little longer shelf life so you don’t have to make it to order. The russian cream sounds lighter and more nutritious. I can’t wait to be able to try it! Let me know if the big bowl works better for you.

  2. Hello Miss Hannah! Glad to know you guys enjoy mayo as much as we do, which is to the tune of 2-4 cups per week. Claire likes to just eat it by the spoonful! As to the flavor, it is really important that you choose extra mild olive oil, such as the Chaffin Family Orchards Late Harvest oil which I know you guys have had a time or two. Right now I am using an import from New Zealand, The Village Press which comes in several varieties (I rarely buy European oil, due to the unchecked adulteration with other, less healthy oils). I use the Barnea Olives one which makes a good tasting mayo, but nothing has compared to the CFO oil for delectable taste! I also often add a pinch of chipotle pepper, and switch between dijon mustard and ground yellow mustard. And then there is yummy aioli with roasted or fresh garlic, or, well, you know the flavors possibilities are endless and yummy!

    1. Hi Maureen! Thank you for your tip filled comment. :) We have used Chaffin Olive Oil and it’s definitely my favorite. Additions to mayo are endless and I love how you can change it to fit any meal.

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