Problem in the State of Denmark

Hi everyone! I wanted to let you know that I don’t have a post today.

I know “bad blogger!”.

But I’ve gotten behind. Usually I have – oh… a week of posts as a buffer (I should have more, but it is what it is.), and I’ve run out.

Why I’ve run out is probably a post in itself that I should write. Namely vertigo. Ugh. I hate vertigo. Talk about a life sucker, time sucker, okay an everything sucker. Then think about having it for almost 2 weeks straight.

Yeah, writing posts definitely took a back burner. So I wrote all this to say I should hopefully have posts up on Thursday to return to my usually posting schedule of Mon/Thur/Sat.

Thanks. See you Thursday!

(Realized it’s kinda silly to write a post about not having a post…)

Vertigo Pic

(I never watch Hitchcock Films, so I’m not recommending it. The pic just seemed to fit. And if your curious about why I don’t watch them – they’re to scary that’s why!)

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