The Linden Method – Review (My Experience)


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I need to tell you one thing before I start reviewing this product – this is my opinion and experience. Some may have experienced help and relief from fear and panic using this method (I’m not going to say you didn’t), but it made me worse. I’ll also tell you why I don’t think you should buy from them.

Let’s get down to the review.

Right after Christmas my Mom saw this on Dr. Carolyn Dean:

“For anxiety I often recommend the Linden Methodâ„¢ that you can access online.”

Her words have a lot of weight in our house because we trust her to have good reasons why she recommends them. On this one I don’t agree with her.

Unfortunately I didn’t read the reviews on Amazon or I could have saved myself the hassle. I ordered the digital program in a hurry because it was on sale and I didn’t want to miss that, plus it said it had a 1 year satisfaction guarantee. (The “special pricing” hadn’t changed from what they had called the “special price” in December – still $87.00. – when I published the article in April 2012.)

But when I got it  I was excited and threw myself into trying it. My anxiety symptoms had almost disappeared on the GAPSâ„¢ diet and I thought this would just finish them up, since  I’d been struggling a little again. I just wanted them gone and couldn’t wait for it to work.

I fully believed what Charles was saying was the key.

I worked on each step, moving quickly through ones like “Talk to your doctor about stopping your medication” because I wasn’t on any medications.

But then I hit the final 5 pillars which include not talking with others about how you feel, seeking others for help, and keeping diverted. There are others, but I don’t want to cause a problem with copyright (though you can read them all in one of the reviews on Amazon).

They were hard but I gave them a honest try.

I started to wonder if it was working when one friend called me wondering if they had offended me during this time since I seemed so distant and not my usual self. Uh oh.


photo by programwitch

Before I tell you one thing you need to understand that I need the connection of talking with people about my problems. If I’m scared or experiencing any strong emotion I need to talk it out. Otherwise I feel sick and just can’t shake obsessing over it. It just doesn’t work for me – I know that now.

So I’d been obsessing on: all my fears, trying to fix my fears, and on distracting myself. I felt like nothing was working and I was just running around in circles.

Well, one night the stress of not talking got to me and I started hyperventilating. It’s a weird feeling isn’t it? My Mom told me not to feel guilty at needing to talk once and a while.

I tried not to feel guilty when I had to talk about my fears, and tried not to say anything about them, but it wore on me and my digestion. I just started going backwards! After all I’ve come through that’s NOT what I wanted to happen.

Finally my Mom said I needed to stop. I agreed but wanted to give the Linden Methodâ„¢ one more try. When you buy their package you also get 1 year of free Unlimited Qualified Support by email or phone. So I headed to their client email support. You only get 300 characters in which to write your problem and when I did I got first an auto responder reminding me to make sure I was doing the program. I double checked myself and found I was doing everything they told me.

Then I got their email. It was horribly punctuated and obviously cut and pasted from a standard reply all boiling down to:

Implementing the 9 pillars will work.

I’d had it. I’d been trying and I was worse then I’d been in over a year. I wrote a long email back to them with my frustrations and told them I wanted my money. They told me I was welcome to refund and that my complaint about the emails cut and pasted “standard” reply was because they get the same questions over and over. Totally understand that, but then they said obviously much of my email pertains to my problems. I was like “why wouldn’t it? That’s what I need help about.”

They then told me that since I wanted my money back  it wouldn’t make sense to try and offer further support. I don’t know about you, but I would try to retain a customer by reaching out.

Then they told me what to do to get my money back — remember this is a 100% money back guarantee . Mail my membership card insured back to the UK.

Yes, I had to send it back to the UK as insured, registered mail which cost me a total of $15.15. And I couldn’t register it for anything more than $47.33 when the program cost more then that! I sent it and waited. It says that once they receive it it can take 7-10 before you receive your money. I waited to ask about it until the tracking said it had reached Britain on the 4th of March. (It didn’t say it was delivered and I was afraid it was lost.)

The Linden Methodâ„¢ hadn’t received it and asked for the tracking number I sent it and they told me they’d tried tracking it, but that the item said it just arrived in the UK. It hadn’t said it was delivered so I needed to contact the USPS and see what they say. They told me if it had gone missing I would need to claim compensation from the Post Office.

After reading those Amazon reviews I felt like they were either lying or would prefer the Post Office to pay me.

I called the US Post Office (they gave me wonderful assistance) and started an inquiry, into what happened to the letter, on the 23rd of March. They said they could see it was out for delivery on the 4th of March, but then nothing.

I didn’t tell the Linden Methodâ„¢ about what the Post Office said and low and behold on the 2nd of April they changed their tune and credited me with $87. I was so happy! It was over and I’d gotten my money back.

So after all that I’ve been through with them I just wanted to warn you to give this a good look over before you buy it.

Personally, I think GAPSâ„¢ works much better for anxiety.

If you post a reply to this post please keep it polite even if you disagree. All flaming or extremely rude comments will be deleted.

The Linden Method and Charles Linden are internationally registered trademarks owned by an independent body in the USA and UK.

I wrote this review out of my opinion and am not an affiliate for the Linden Methodâ„¢ or for GAPSâ„¢ diet.

GAPS is a registered trademark by Dr. Natasha McBride.

The Gapaliciousâ„¢ app was created with permission from Dr. McBride.

21 thoughts on “The Linden Method – Review (My Experience)”

  1. I’d never heard of the linden method, but after reading the reviews, I can see why you were disappointed. I agree with you that GAPS has been the best thing for my anxiety/panic attacks. Other things have been really helpful, but it is all ‘woo-woo-hippie stuff’, so most people just think I’m kooky if I mention it;) I read a book recently that really shed a lot of light on the subject for me. It’s called ‘Left in the Dark’. You can read it here: It is about the evolution of the human brain and the relationship between the left and right hemispheres. I know you are christian, so you may not agree with much that he has to say about evolution/ect., but I personally believe it is still worth reading for the information on right and left brain function. (I’ve learned the most from reading things I don’t agree with.) It really helped me understand where some of my anxiety comes from. Let me know what you think if you end up reading it. And good luck with your anxiety…. Getting back to nature has always helped me greatly. The stillness of the forest can be so calming. My suggestion is to go spend some time in the woods!

    1. Thank you for your comment Asta, I really appreciate it. I looked at the book but won’t be reading it right now (thank you for telling me about it though).

      When I thought about me going back to nature I had to smile because, while I agree that it’s very important, I’ve always struggled with going outside. I know, bad me, but even as a little kid I hated grass and sand. But it’s definitely something I want to do more of. Thankfully we have some baby chicks outside right now so I’m finding myself outside a little more. (And I do feel more calm with that.) I’ve also been grounding (got the half sheet) and it’s been helping some as well.

  2. What an awful experience! I’m so glad you got your money back!

    We are doing GAPS for several reasons, one being my son’s anxiety. Through muscle testing we found he needed GABA, 5-htp, and DMG. Blood tests later confirmed this. Just wanted to mention it in case you hadn’t explored thesesthat option yet. Ad the gut heals you can decrease and then eliminate the supplements. NCM explains why GAPS people often need these in the FAQs.

    I hope you find healing, watching my son deal with anxiety hurts my heart, I can’t imagine living with it.

    1. Thank you do pointing me to those Lisa, I’ll definitely check those out.

      I think it must be hard to watch your child deal with anxiety (I know it can be hard on my family) and I want to let you know the best gift my family gave me has been their constant love and support. So even while your heart is hurting for your son know that you being their and loving him can be the most comforting thing for someone in anxiety.

      I think my anxiety will start to go away again especially since I’m going to take a step back in the diet and heal a few things rather then letting myself get really bad again.

  3. Hi Hannah,

    I read your article, feeling quite surprised and saddened that you did not have a very good experience with The Linden Method. Myself and many thousand of other people have successfully become non-anxious using the method. The method itself is simple, they give us all the tools we need but the responsibility is on us to do the leg work and put the energy in. The method only fails if your doing something wrong.
    I spoke to the support team on many many occasions and found them to be not only very supportive but caring too.
    You say you only get 300 characters to write an email but then further down you say you wrote a long email to them. So which one is it?
    I’m very happy for you that you have found a solution to your anxiety but I feel quite sad that you felt you needed to write such a damming report on the method. We are all unique individuals Hannah and what helps one person may not always help another. I have tried many anxiety treatments but none of them helped me as much as The Linden Method did, but I would not dream of writing such a detailed review on the others, because somebody who had read it and decided not to buy it, it may of very well helped.
    It seems you only put feedback on here that agrees with you, so I know this wont be put on, but at least I’ve shown you that it does work for some.
    God Bless

    1. Hi Jackie,

      I don’t deny or in any way disagree that you and others may have received help (I mentioned that in my opening statements), but what I did write was my experience, from my side of the keyboard. I was honest about my experience and really tried to leave the decision in the readers hands. With the internet we have the opportunity to post how things effected us, ect., and that’s what I was doing.

      I didn’t fail because I was doing the program wrong. I did it and it DIDN’T work for me. End of story. My bad experience in NO way should make you feel uncomfortable about your good one. I rejoice that you were helped.

      I did say that I only had 300 characters to write and then wrote a long email, but that was because I emailed them back directly and didn’t use the 300 character contact thing built into the website.

      I do want to say is I was hurt by your slam on me, that I failed because I didn’t try/failed. If I told you that about your previous experiences with other treatments you would probably be crushed.

      I’m sorry you didn’t like my review, and though I don’t usually post my bad reviews of products I’ve tried I did write one here. Also I don’t just allow feedback to be placed on my blog that only agrees with me, but my rule is that offensive or rude (strong language or PG and up related comments) won’t be posted. If you’re polite even comments that disagree are posted.

  4. Hannah
    I hope you sleep well at night. I know I do. I am just on the way to our Retreat to say a goodbye to our delighted clients who have spent the last four days learning what they need to do to become anxiety free. A previous retreat guest came to visit with her husband and cried over dinner when addressing our clients, telling them how she never would have thought she could come so far in just 2 months of following The Linden Method. I know it works because I see it every day and I am so very proud of what my husband and our team here at The Linden Centre have achieved. Your email is simply a cruel attack at us because you failed. How terribly selfish of you to prevent even one person from gaining the help they need. The only reason for failure, Hannah, is non-compliance. Does the method that you are now an affiliate for (making money from) carry a money back guarantee… I doubt it. We are taking legal advice about your comments so expect to hear from our lawyer soon. No doubt these comments will never be posted.

    1. Hi Beth!
      My boyfriend is using your husbands method at the moment, and I’m really hoping that it will work for him. As he is following this program I have put some effort into trying to understand it myself, and from what I can tell it seems like a shot worth taking.
      However, it actually saddened me to read Your comment here, and a part of me sincerely hopes that you aren’t who you say you are. Why did you feel that Hannah attacked your husbands method? I tried to read her post over and over again to understand your anger but in my opinion the only thing she did was tell her part of a story. And for her the Linden method obviously didn’t work. Maybe it was because she did do something wrong, but maybe just maybe it actually doesn’t work for everybody. That doesn’t mean that it couldn’t work for others, or even for most others. No treatment, diet, method etc. ever works for every single person, because as several here already stated, we are all individuals.
      I’m sure you have seen how the method works wonders on people and trust me I truly hope it works, because to see someone you love suffer isn’t anything anyone wants.
      What saddens me about our your response to Hannah is that i feel like your the one attacking her. Even if she was criticizing the method, do you really think that attack is the way to respond? It doesn’t really lead anywhere, except that it puts you in a very negative light for someone who doesn’t know you.
      My point isn’t to attack or offend you in anyway, maybe just to make you think about what and how you’re responding to people you feel are criticizing your husbands method. Not that I’m an expert on anything but your post made me feel like I have to speak out, so that’s what i’m doing.
      I wish you and your husband all the best and truly hope that you continue helping others as you have so far.

    2. Thanks you for your honest review Hannah. It’s not always easy to be honest about a product that you find that it is not all it’s said to be. But with freedom of speech we, as American’s, are able to write our opinions without the fear of being sued being by a over zealous business owner. Her husband’s product failed you, you in turn told the truth, and now she wants to take legal action? I find it kinda funny that she would make such a threat over one person’s opinion. All she did was make her husband’s product look much worse than the opinion that you provided. For the people that can afford to go on a “retreat” to be “cured” it may have a very high percentage of success but in no way can it be 100%. To even remotely suggest that this “method” can cure “anyone” is also laughable. If that was the case then why would they offer a “money back guarantee”? I guess that would be for the people that didn’t give it an honest try? People with Anxiety would give it an honest try just to rid themselves of the misery they go through. You don’t order something like that for just a good read. I have not tried their method of treatment and I will not after reading her response and the threats she made to you. You are not stopping anyone from getting help but Beth Linden is. Why would I now want to try a product from a company owned by people that I now see as vindictive instead of a group of people that truly want to “help” others. She showed her and husband’s true colors and from her response. A simple, “I”m sorry it didn’t work for you but it has worked for others”, would have been a so much better response.

  5. Hey Jackie,
    Reading your post, I must say I feel quite surprised and saddened that you were so quick to say that “the method only fails if your doing something wrong”. Who are you to start making such a negative observation? You say on one hand : “We are all unique individuals Hannah and what helps one person may not always help another” and yet on the other you say “the method only fails if your doing something wrong”, so I ask you which one is it? I’ll tell you what I think : you shouldn’t be so quick to judge this individual based on your presumption that she didn’t do the leg work. Hey, that’s my opinion and it doesn’t have to be yours but whatever happened to freedom of speech. If you ended up on this review of the method in the first place it’s because you were interested, just as interested as if it were a review of some electronic device. It’s a sad place to be when you have to put someone else down to make your own beliefs sound better. Hats off to you Hannah for having the courage to write a blog and sharing your thoughts!

  6. I’ve been interested in the Linden Method but have had trouble finding a review that didn’t seem “planted.” This one for sure wasn’t planted.

  7. I’m very concerned about the responses I’ve just read to Hannah’s original post. Can’t the Linden folk and it’s supporters not see that saying that ‘the Linden Method only fails if you are doing something wrong’ is not only ridiculously arrogant but also incredibly shaming. Considering that low self-esteem is often the root cause of anxiety why anyone wanting to cure it would want to make shaming statements is beyond me. And Beth’s comment, ‘I hope you sleep well at night. I know I do.’, as well as her accusing Hannah of being cruel and selfish is frankly emotional abuse! How can you claim to want to help people and talk to people like that! I can’t help feeling that anyone undertaking the Linden Method who finds that it isn’t the right approach for them (as we know that everyone is different and what works for one person doesn’t work for another) would be more than afraid to let the Linden folk know about it because of the emotional abuse they are going to get back! It’s pretty shocking! I have seen Charles Linden do exactly the same in his replys to posts on other sites. The way to healing is through love and support. I’m amazed that the Linden Method folk are getting away with such bad behaviour – behaviour that no therapist abiding by a safe code of conduct would never want to be associated with.

  8. Hi guys
    Nice to read everyone’s view on the linden method, my wife of 5 months has been suffering for almost 20 years, we met 3 years ago and she seemed to have it under control, on the day of our honeymoon she had the worse panic attack she had had since we have been together and in a long time. I desperately want to help her overcome this but the reviews make it so hard to decided which way to go, naively I thought an ex sufferer would want to give the information of how to cure this freely, so when I read that u can buy a package, it takes the shine off my optimism, really don’t know which way to go first as she really is suffering
    Any thoughts welcome

  9. Shocked at Beth Linden. I have tried the method 3 times. Kind of helped first time. I still have major panic and agoraphobia. Was I doing something wrong??? If it really works why not help more ppl come to the retreat at affordable costs. Was thinking of purchasing again just for the support. I will be seriously thinking about doing so now.

  10. Wow….I really wished I read this before I purchased the online edition for $130.I suffer/suffered from severe anxiety, but am honestly making a lot of headway now due to perseverance and most importantly emotional support from loved ones.Hannah, I believe you gave a fair review of your experience with this…ugh “product.”You were way more considerate of the linden method and their clients than I would have been I can assure you. Once I actually received access to this mess, I honestly gave it my best shot, I quit trying to acknowledge my worries, quit sharing them with people that were more than happy to help me through my problems and offer me support and the feeling that I’m not alone in my struggles…and I became more isolated than ever before and began feeling shame because I “knew it was all in my head and my fault” but apparently was too emotionally stupid because the anxiety would NOT go away. I tried laughing at it challenging it and all of the other methods given to me and it didn’t work for me, not even a little. If anything I’m anxious about the the hoops I might have to jump through to finish getting my refund. Oh and believe it or not I am really human and it didn’t work! So by their logic I’m either some defective subspecies, or everything’s my fault because I didn’t try hard enough. Well they don’t know what I did or how hard I tried and they have no right to suggest otherwise just because they are biased toward their ugh….”product.”If there really are people that benefited from their method, I am elated and very happy for them, no one should have to feel constant fear and anxiety, so whether they argue my views of the method, I am still very proud they got relief.Beth Linden though… should be ashamed of yourself. Hannah only vaguely recounted her experience with it and abided by your copyrighted information, then you demonize her and threaten groundless litigation? What the hell is a matter with you people? It would have spoken volumes to your character if you would have shown compassion and maybe said, we’ll always be there for you if you ever decide to try again, and we hope you find peace. Oh and way to capitalize on people at the end of their rope like you guys are the first people to think up the”it’s all in your head”/mind over matter/stay busy method. Still I’m happy if it works for some people, but no reason to be a jerk and insult/threaten people who it didn’t work for…that makes people anxious. Oh and you guys better not give me a bunch of crap with this refund, u get a week then I file a fraudulant merchant charge with my bank and get it back.Again, I really hope your method does work for some people, but after seeing what it is you really offer, I don’t see how that’s possible. Hannah you go girl! I am so proud of you for the way you handled Beth Linden’s appalling response to your review. You have the right to your own opinion, which after this charade of of a service, is the same as mine. God bless.

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