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  1. Hi Hannah,
    I found your site through the WAPF chapter leader group. Maureen posted a link. I LOVE IT! I am a real food blogger (started in February and growing quickly). We have been on GAPS for 4 years, starting with SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet). I think it is wonderful that you are sharing your experience. Even after all these years on GAPS, your menu planning was very helpful! I am going to put a link to your site on my GAPS Resources page and also on my blog roll. Take a look at my site — all the baked good are GAPS legal and come with videos. Let me know what you think!

  2. Hi Jill,

    Thank you for your kind comment! I am so glad that my menu planning article helped you.
    I appreciate you putting my link on your blog roll and GAPS resource page. I will definitely be reading, looking at your blog and letting you know what I think!

  3. Hi Hannah,

    This is very cool! Thanks so much for doing your app–I will review it on my blog, where we have been talking about Intro for the past two weeks (a whole group of people are doing Intro together and quite a few are blogging about it–you can find a list on Baden’s blog gapsguide.com )

    I am wondering if the info about herbs in intro is correct? In my understanding, fresh herbs (parsley, etc) are allowed in intro, as long as they are cooked (or fermented, as the dill is in Dr. Natasha’s fermented fish recipe). I am sure this is a huge work in progress, so no worries, but thought I would mention it.

    I am tickled that you have created this resource!

  4. Hi Hannah
    Congratulations on your Iphone ap, it is a great idea and it will help many. I am happy to advertise it at GAPS Australia so that we can increase its availability. I have a htc windows phone and wondered whether this ap is suitable for this phone also or whether you can produce an ap download for htc. I look forward to your reply.
    Linda Paterson

  5. Hi Justine I’m really excited that you’re going to do a review on your blog! As to the spices I’ll have to go double check the book. We did pass everything by Dr. Campbell-McBride who said it was correct (Now that doesn’t mean we didn’t make a mistake), so I will make sure to double check.

    Thank you. : )

  6. Hi Linda, I would love it if you would advertise it at GAPS Australia. Actually our first sale of the app came from Australia!

    To my knowledge this app isn’t available for your htc windows phone, and I will check with my developer but at this time we weren’t making one for it. I’m sorry.

  7. Dear Hannah,
    Hi there! My name is Caroline Barringer and I am working closely with Natasha and Peter to help create and manage Natasha’s new GAPS Practitioner Trainings here in the USA coming this fall. I spoke with them this morning and they asked me to download your app. I was able to download the new Gapalicious app to my Office Manager’s iPhone (Thanks, Tara!). I LOVE this app! Natasha, Peter and I are wondering if you will be designing a DROID friendly app soon? I do not have an iPhone and so many of my colleagues and clients are using DROID phones these days, so we hope you will consider creating an app for the rest of the GAPS population who use Google/Android based phones. Thanks for your consideration and I will be reporting back to Natasha and Peter that your app is WONDERFUL! Great work! Very Sincerely, Caroline Barringer at Immunitrition, Inc.

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