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A Handful of Ideas for Dealing With Anxiety

Hi everyone!

I haven’t written in ages, but I got a comment today on my Linden Method review (one of my most popular articles) from a guy named Scott. I thought my answer might be helpful for most anxiety suffers, so I decided to turn it into a post.

Let me first say, this post is for informational and educational purposes only. I’m not suggesting a specific diagnosis or treatment, just sharing what I’ve learned. This information is not a substitute for medical attention. See your health care professional for medical advice. See my full disclaimer for details.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get down to the post.

Hi guys
Nice to read everyone’s view on the linden method, my wife of 5 months has been suffering for almost 20 years, we met 3 years ago and she seemed to have it under control, on the day of our honeymoon she had the worse panic attack she had had since we have been together and in a long time. I desperately want to help her overcome this but the reviews make it so hard to decided which way to go, naively I thought an ex sufferer would want to give the information of how to cure this freely, so when I read that u can buy a package, it takes the shine off my optimism, really don’t know which way to go first as she really is suffering
Any thoughts welcome

First, I’m sorry to hear about your wife’s struggles and panic attacks. It’s no fun.

Second, (I know you mean Charles Linden) but honestly I’m not an ex-sufferer, sometimes my anxiety comes back, but I know how to get through it better then before, and usually where I messed up. It can be a process of two steps forward and one back. But, I want to help and give you some free info and places to start.

So all you anxiety sufferers pay attention! :)

Gluten Sensitivity

There is so much I could say about this, the info out about how this affects our brains is staggering to me. And slightly scary. My opinion is that if you’re struggling with anxiety, get the gluten out and see what happens. You might want to test before you get off, but that dietary step should probably be in your future.

Here are great links for you to look into:

Grain Brain By Dr. Perlmutter (book), and this hour long interview. Both interesting to me though I haven’t read the book yet.

Dr. O’Bryan hosted the gluten summit, and has information on how you can test for gluten sensitivity, as well as up to date info on gluten research. The gluten summit was jam packed with things I didn’t know.

This video by Sean Croxton, put all the pieces into place, and yeah, I won’t be eating gluten ever again.

Holistic Doctor

If you’re struggling you might need to see a doctor who can look at what’s going on and prescribe something to help you. I’m not a fan of going the regular medical route, unless necessary (you be the judge for you), but going to a natural practitioner and seeing about things like 5-htp or Niacin, different herbs or acupuncture they might recommend for you. It can be very helpful.


This calming agent (the one I use) really helps get my nerves under control. So if you’re feeling up tight it might be worth a shot.

Rescue Remedy

I fell in love with this spray back when I got stuck out in the garage, in the dark, at like 10 years old. I was already paranoid of the dark and being tangled up in a hose didn’t help. *Shudder* By the time my hollers were heard (the garage was on the far side of the house) I was in quite a panic.

Mom put a few drops of this in a glass of water without telling me and had me sip it slowly. The tension and fear disappeared, and I was sold on it.

I usually put 2 sprays on my wrist and then rub my wrists together, but under the tongue or a couple of drops in water works. Course, I could just let you read the bottle too. :P

Bits and Pieces

  • Other then that I found that chocolate causes my heart to beat funny because of the theobromine, so I avoid chocolate and do better.
  • More fat in my diet (coconut oil, ghee) helps me be more calm.
  • Not watching scary movies, or always rushing about helps.
  • Also, when I actually do it, gentle aerobic exercise helps get out my overactive Adrenalin stores (I’m convinced those babies are like three times larger then a normal human’s).

I can’t end the article without saying that my relationship with God is what helps me most. Reading my Bible, especially the Psalms, 1st John, and Hebrews really help. Prayer is a great avenue for releasing my fears and giving them to God who is willing to take them all from me.

This verse from 1st John has really helped me:

“There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.” 1st John 4:18a

I find it comforting to imagine each time I bring a fear to God, that he throws it away, so far away I couldn’t find it again in my life time. Does that mean I never have that fear again? No. I am adept at picking up what I lay at His feet, but I find if I keep taking it back, sooner or later it stops bothering me all the time. God is faithful, I on the other hand am flawed.  If you want to talk more about the faith aspect you can contact me, and I might be able to put you in contact with someone in your area or email with you.

I think that’s about it, though I could bore everyone with all the little things I’ve discovered for me, but I think all in all these places are the best to start, and could effect everyone. The rest is tweaking and finding out what works for you.

I hope that helps you Scott, and that your wife is doing better real soon!

Amazon Links are affiliate links.

The Linden Method – Review (My Experience)


photo by Travelling Steve

I need to tell you one thing before I start reviewing this product – this is my opinion and experience. Some may have experienced help and relief from fear and panic using this method (I’m not going to say you didn’t), but it made me worse. I’ll also tell you why I don’t think you should buy from them.

Let’s get down to the review.

Right after Christmas my Mom saw this on Dr. Carolyn Dean:

“For anxiety I often recommend the Linden Methodâ„¢ that you can access online.”

Her words have a lot of weight in our house because we trust her to have good reasons why she recommends them. On this one I don’t agree with her.

Unfortunately I didn’t read the reviews on Amazon or I could have saved myself the hassle. I ordered the digital program in a hurry because it was on sale and I didn’t want to miss that, plus it said it had a 1 year satisfaction guarantee. (The “special pricing” hadn’t changed from what they had called the “special price” in December – still $87.00. – when I published the article in April 2012.)

But when I got it  I was excited and threw myself into trying it. My anxiety symptoms had almost disappeared on the GAPSâ„¢ diet and I thought this would just finish them up, since  I’d been struggling a little again. I just wanted them gone and couldn’t wait for it to work.

I fully believed what Charles was saying was the key.

I worked on each step, moving quickly through ones like “Talk to your doctor about stopping your medication” because I wasn’t on any medications.

But then I hit the final 5 pillars which include not talking with others about how you feel, seeking others for help, and keeping diverted. There are others, but I don’t want to cause a problem with copyright (though you can read them all in one of the reviews on Amazon).

They were hard but I gave them a honest try.

I started to wonder if it was working when one friend called me wondering if they had offended me during this time since I seemed so distant and not my usual self. Uh oh.


photo by programwitch

Before I tell you one thing you need to understand that I need the connection of talking with people about my problems. If I’m scared or experiencing any strong emotion I need to talk it out. Otherwise I feel sick and just can’t shake obsessing over it. It just doesn’t work for me – I know that now.

So I’d been obsessing on: all my fears, trying to fix my fears, and on distracting myself. I felt like nothing was working and I was just running around in circles.

Well, one night the stress of not talking got to me and I started hyperventilating. It’s a weird feeling isn’t it? My Mom told me not to feel guilty at needing to talk once and a while.

I tried not to feel guilty when I had to talk about my fears, and tried not to say anything about them, but it wore on me and my digestion. I just started going backwards! After all I’ve come through that’s NOT what I wanted to happen.

Finally my Mom said I needed to stop. I agreed but wanted to give the Linden Methodâ„¢ one more try. When you buy their package you also get 1 year of free Unlimited Qualified Support by email or phone. So I headed to their client email support. You only get 300 characters in which to write your problem and when I did I got first an auto responder reminding me to make sure I was doing the program. I double checked myself and found I was doing everything they told me.

Then I got their email. It was horribly punctuated and obviously cut and pasted from a standard reply all boiling down to:

Implementing the 9 pillars will work.

I’d had it. I’d been trying and I was worse then I’d been in over a year. I wrote a long email back to them with my frustrations and told them I wanted my money. They told me I was welcome to refund and that my complaint about the emails cut and pasted “standard” reply was because they get the same questions over and over. Totally understand that, but then they said obviously much of my email pertains to my problems. I was like “why wouldn’t it? That’s what I need help about.”

They then told me that since I wanted my money back  it wouldn’t make sense to try and offer further support. I don’t know about you, but I would try to retain a customer by reaching out.

Then they told me what to do to get my money back — remember this is a 100% money back guarantee . Mail my membership card insured back to the UK.

Yes, I had to send it back to the UK as insured, registered mail which cost me a total of $15.15. And I couldn’t register it for anything more than $47.33 when the program cost more then that! I sent it and waited. It says that once they receive it it can take 7-10 before you receive your money. I waited to ask about it until the tracking said it had reached Britain on the 4th of March. (It didn’t say it was delivered and I was afraid it was lost.)

The Linden Methodâ„¢ hadn’t received it and asked for the tracking number I sent it and they told me they’d tried tracking it, but that the item said it just arrived in the UK. It hadn’t said it was delivered so I needed to contact the USPS and see what they say. They told me if it had gone missing I would need to claim compensation from the Post Office.

After reading those Amazon reviews I felt like they were either lying or would prefer the Post Office to pay me.

I called the US Post Office (they gave me wonderful assistance) and started an inquiry, into what happened to the letter, on the 23rd of March. They said they could see it was out for delivery on the 4th of March, but then nothing.

I didn’t tell the Linden Methodâ„¢ about what the Post Office said and low and behold on the 2nd of April they changed their tune and credited me with $87. I was so happy! It was over and I’d gotten my money back.

So after all that I’ve been through with them I just wanted to warn you to give this a good look over before you buy it.

Personally, I think GAPSâ„¢ works much better for anxiety.

If you post a reply to this post please keep it polite even if you disagree. All flaming or extremely rude comments will be deleted.

The Linden Method and Charles Linden are internationally registered trademarks owned by an independent body in the USA and UK.

I wrote this review out of my opinion and am not an affiliate for the Linden Methodâ„¢ or for GAPSâ„¢ diet.

GAPS is a registered trademark by Dr. Natasha McBride.

The Gapaliciousâ„¢ app was created with permission from Dr. McBride.

Nettle Infusion Recipe

Herbal infusions are helpful for releasing an herbs active ingredients. Which is one of the reasons they’re so good to drink. Now I’m not going to tell you I drink them all the time (I probably should), but I can tend to forget to make and drink them until I really need them.

But I really want to pay more attention to them and one of the best infusions is nettle. It can be helpful for energy, strengthening the adrenals, helpful for menstrual cycles, or as an antihistamine. And with spring coming on that last one might be the best of all.

I like drinking a nettle infusion when my sinuses are all stuffed up as it helps me be able to breathe (I’m a bit of a wuss when my nose is plugged).

Best of all infusions are easy to make.
Nettle Leaf
[title]Nettle Infusion[/title]
Mason Quart Jar (Affiliate)
1 cup of dried stinging nettle
4 cups of boiling water
a long metal spoon

Put the spoon and stinging nettle into the mason jar and pour the boiling water over it. Stir, remove spoon, and put on a lid. Let it sit for 4 hours or overnight. Drink it within 24 hours.

If you’re wondering about the spoon it will keep the mason jar from breaking.

You can easily double or half this recipe – the ratio is 1/4 of nettle to one cup of water.

If you’d like to order some nettle I would recommend buying from Mountain Rose Herbs (Affiliate).

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c

Photo from Mountain Rose Herbs

How to Get Fluid Out of Your Ears

I told you last Tuesday that I had had fluid in my ears. Since I don’t know that most people will find it easy enough to go to a Chiropractor for an ear adjustment – or that most would even want to – I thought I would tell you how a Naturopathic Doctor told me to drain my ears.

I’ve had trouble with my ears since I was a kid and once I was older my biggest problem was fluid in my ears. One Naturopathic Doctor told me that my ears were the cleanest she’d seen, but that my ear’s Eustachian tubes are extremely small.

So, she told me how to drain them and I’ve used it many times with great success.

[title]Soak Your Feet.[/title]

It might sound weird, but it’s the easiest and safest way (in my opinion) to get fluid out of your ears.

What you need is a bucket that comfortably fits your feet. Then turn your faucet onto hot and fill the bucket about a 1/3 of the way. You need to get your feet in the water as hot as you can stand it (you can put some cold water in at this point if you need to so it’s comfortable enough to keep your feet in the water).

The trick of soaking your feet is to keep the water as hot as you can stand for at least 20 minutes. You’ll probably want an extra pair of hands around to send for more water. You can do this as many times a day as you need (I tend towards 2-3 if I’m really bad off.)

If you want you can add essential oils or pour boiling water over eucalyptus leaves and steep it for about 15 minutes for an extra punch.

I’m only recommending this for getting fluid out of the ears, please use this with your own judgement and if you have any questions read my disclaimer. Thanks.

Photo by Shaylor

UK/European GAPS Online Store

Europe Lights
Recently I heard from Juliette who runs, and was excited to learn that readers in the UK (and Europe) can have access to GAPS products like:

So if you live on the other side of “the pond” check it out.

If any of my readers are from over in the UK would you mind sharing what places you usually buy GAPS products from? I would love to add them to my resource page (which I’m trying to grow).

This link is on my resource page along with may other ideas to get you started or help you on the GAPS diet Check it out, and come back Thursday for a simple muffin recipe.

Photo from thebadastromomer.