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#1 Tip for Making Creamy Mayo

Not being able to buy mayo was hard in the beginning. I mean, really, no other recipe seems to taste like the jars on the shelf. But, once you get used to making your own the flavor is really good.

If you’re still struggling with the flavor let me know below and I can write a post on flavor troubleshooting, but back to the subject at hand…

What I really missed was the creamy texture. It seemed like silky, smooth mayo was what professional chefs made, and seriously, if they told me to hand whisk I would have probably screamed. Uh, no. I like quick and easy. But my Mom came up with the perfect solution.

Use a food processor (affiliate link).

The top of your food processors compact cover usually has a little cup with a hole in it. So all you have to do is put all the ingredients (except your oil) in the food processor and turn it on. Then fill the little cup with oil and let it slowly drizzle in, filling the cup when it’s drained to far, until all the oil is gone.

Voila! That easy. That quick. And that simple.

Have you had any aha’s in the kitchen lately?

What type of Menu Planner are you?

I think one of the most daunting ideas on the GAPSâ„¢ diet is menu planning. Let’s face it, in America today the word menu usually brings to mind the kind you look at in a restaurant. And planning a meal usually means choosing which fast food to eat or what type of frozen food to heat up.

menu restaurant

Now I am joking a little bit, but sadly I think most people haven’t been taught how to think of preparing a meal. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with not knowing what you’re preparing until the last minute – if you know how to do it properly.

There are generally 3 types of cooks:

  1. Menu Planners – these people would probably be the smallest percentage of cooks. But they plan meals a week or more in advance, and usually follow them to the letter.
  2. Non-Planners – these people don’t plan and are used to pulling a can or box out 15 minutes before they want to eat.
  3. General Planners – this would be the biggest group of cooks in my opinion and is where I’m most comfortable. These people usually have a general idea of what they’re going to cook, but don’t mind changing it up at the last minute. Sometimes we don’t have an idea of what we’re doing until that morning.

Now if you think I’m going to say that you need to become an elite menu planner you’d be wrong. I see nothing wrong with 2 of the 3 planners I’ve mentioned.

But if you fall into the category of Non-Planner you’re going to have to change. Good food just doesn’t grow in boxes, cans or come in instant form. Good food takes time, and is well worth it. So if you’re a Non-Planner you’re going to need to become, at least, a General Planner.

No matter what way you’re more comfortable working and cooking in the kitchen there are some tricks, and new thought processes that are necessary when you change the way you eat. Now that you know what type of planner you are in our next post we will cover how to menu plan effectively.

Know which planner you are? Leave a comment I would love to hear from you!