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Is Fat Catching?

It used to be popular to point at genetics for any extra fat around our waists, but it seems like that trend might be leaving in favor of calling fat… infectious.

Infectious? My sister wondered if these were the same scientists that got funding to study cow flatulence.

When I read this report I couldn’t believe I was reading this on a legitimate News site.

Apparently mice in a study were “engineered to have a particular immune deficiency developed fatty liver disease and got fatter when fed a Western-style diet”. I’m not surprised.


Here is where the article got interesting for a millisecond. When they put these mice in with healthy mice the healthy mice got the same problems. Now mice eat each others poop (yuck) and when they looked the reason all this trouble was happening in the first place was – you guessed it – gut flora.

In fact the “bad bacteria” in the sick mice increased (get this) 1,000 times!

Now that makes sense. It isn’t  fat that’s catching it’s bad gut flora that’s catching. Through food, environment, and what was passed down to us by our parents.

Wait, doesn’t this sound like Gut and Psychology Syndrome? Yeah, I thought so too. Once again research is catching up with common sense.

Did research like  this drive you crazy? Or did you find it interesting? I’d love to know your point of view. And if you’re interested in receiving more article like this to your email sign for my updates at the top right corner of the page!

Do Changing Autism Stats Signal a Cure for Autism?

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Psychiatric doctors are looking into changing the criteria for autism. It won’t cure anything. What it means is people are going to get pushed under the carpet until they get bad enough to fit the new criteria.

Personally, I think it’s just playing with numbers so it looks better, and I think most people who struggle with autism (or their loved ones) would prefer a real cure – rather then downplaying their struggles and problems.

Dr. Carolyn Dean had an interesting post on this and I agree with most of her recommendations for treating autism, but personally I think it needs to be taken a step further – into GAPS. If one group of people should go on GAPS it should definitely be those in the Autistic Spectrum.

What’s your opinion on all of this? I’d love to hear it.

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One of the Reasons I Eat Liver

I am not a liver fan.

Actually I pretty much hate liver – the taste and texture. Okay, you get the picture.

So why do I eat it? Because it’s good for me.

One of the top reasons I eat liver is because of B12. B12 is a vital nutrient, and I believe it helps us heal our brains since B12 is key in normal function of the brain and nervous system. And as a GAPSâ„¢ person that’s important.

If you want to read more about B12 check out: The Meat of B12 Deficiency: Interview with Sally M. Pacholok, R.N., B.S.N.

Do you have a favorite way to eat liver?

The Meat of B12 Deficiencyan affiliate link (helps keep Gapalicious alive).

BottlesUp Giveaway Winner!

BottlesUp Glass Water Bottles
Hi everybody. I know I’m a day late in announcing the winner of the BottlesUP giveaway, I’ve just been really busy. And even though I wish everyone who entered could have won one the winner is…

Drum roll please.

Comment #24 – Tiffany A.

Congratulations Tiffany! I will be emailing you shortly to get your address so you can receive your glass water bottle.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated and to BottleUp for hosting the giveaway.

Winner chosen with Random.org.

Arm and Hammer Baking Soda Update Post

My top article on Gapalicious for the longest time has been the one on Does Arm and Hammer Baking Soda Contain Aluminum? It seems like this is a popular question.
Arm and Hammer
Well I’ve learned two things from the wonderful comments by people on that post. First Arm and Hammer may not treat their animals in a humane way when testing their products. Truthfully I haven’t looked into this yet, but once I do I will let you know what I find out.

The other thing I realized was I forgot to link to where I found some of my information. Boy, I feel stupid when I do that, and unfortunately I clean out my bookmarks pretty regularly and so I had lost it. But worry no more! I have found the link I was looking for.

So without further blabbing here is the link to a forum discussion I had found comparing Bob’s Red Mill Baking Soda versus Arm and Hammer (it’s what got me started looking at it). And this is the quote that caught my eye:

A lot of their stuff can be pricey, you can get decent prices on flour…

This is a reply I got from Bob’s,

Thank you for your email. Very few manufacturers use Aluminum in their baking soda today. This was previously not the case. Most baking soda’s are made, they are not natural, as ours is. I do not have information about other company’s products, but have attached information on ours.

ØAluminum Free- most baking soda now days does not have aluminum. **we used to get asked this question a lot back when other co. had aluminum in theirs. So we added it to our labeling ** we may consider taking it off.
ØSodium bicarbonate (Nahcolite- NaHCO3) is naturally occurring in northwestern Colorado.
ØOther companies chemically produce baking soda by creating a chemical reaction between soda ash and carbon dioxide.
ØA closed loop process leaves the community and its surroundings virtually untouched. In the process, water is used to extract the sodium bicarbonate and no chemicals are used. Nothing else is added to it so it is naturally free of gluten and aluminum.
Not like arm & hammer baking soda- our products are cruelty free.

Thank you for your interest,

Quote from Mystic~Mama
Hopefully that helps everyone who wondered where I got some of my info from, and don’t worry next time I plan on linking to other places before I post! :)