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The 5 Things you Need Before Starting GAPSâ„¢

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After reading Kendahl’s helpful article “Before I Start GAPSâ„¢, What Should I do to Prepare?”.  I got to thinking about what resources I would recommend.

My resource page contains all these recommendations and others if you want more.

The #1 Thing you need is Dr. Natasha’s book. You need to read, and re-read it. Highlight it. Know it.

The second thing is something to make stock in like a stock pot or crock pot – stock is an important part of GAPSâ„¢ .

Third would definitely be a VitaMix blender for smoothies, mayo, and more.

Fourth, probiotics. Either BioKult, probiotic foods, or both. Remember to start slow.

Fifth, if you’re going on the Intro the 30 Days on GAPS Intro Handbook. Or for full try a cookbook from my favorite list.

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Finding Raw Milk in Your Area

If you’re new to the arena of raw milk, grass-fed beef, pastured eggs, and other nutritious foods this post is to help you. Whether you’re on GAPSâ„¢, interested in doing Nourishing Traditions, or just want to try some of the foods I mentioned there are several resources I want to point you to.

Recently on my post about finding 24 hour yogurt at our farmer’s Rachel asked this question:

[faq_question]Where do you find the sour cream? I have been looking for a farmer who sells sour cream and butter made from raw milk and can’t find anyone. I live in Oregon.[/faq_question]
Family Searching
First of all if you’re interested in finding raw milk in your area the easiest place to look is RealMilk.com. After you read the important information at the top just scroll down, choose your state, and you’re off to the races.

If you’re more interested in a wide area of these foods try looking up a Weston A. Price Chapter Leader in your area. They will be happy to help you with all your questions regarding Nourishing Traditions and the GAPS diet.[quote_right]If you still need help feel free to leave me a comment.[/quote_right]

I hope that helps you find good food in your area!