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4 Simple Ways to Save on Almond Flour

Buying Almond flour can be a bit pricey. In fact if you walk into your local health food store and look at the little packages, with their lovely little price tag, you might have a heart attack as dollar signs drift pass you.

It brings to mind White Christmas: “It’s right in between ouch… and boing.”

But it doesn’t have to be and here are some tried and true tips to help it fit in your budget.

  1. Buy online – it’s pretty much always cheaper.
  2. Buy on sale – sign up for newsletters, save your money so your ready, then pounce when the sale comes in.
  3. Buy in bulk – buying 25 lbs (or more) at a time may seem like a lot, but it saves money and almond flour freezes great. Keep gallon freezer bags and when the box comes divide into 5-6 bags, and keep one in the fridge and the rest in the freezer. Just remember to pull out the next bag when your first is getting low.
  4. Buy with friends- buying in bulk is great, but the more you buy sometimes the more price breaks you get (and you can also split any shipping charges). So call your friends when that sale comes in!

We buy our Almond Flour from Honeyville and it tends to have good prices and great sales.

photo by Elana’s Pantry

Thanksgiving Turkey Tips and Tricks

Hi everybody. I’m sure you’re all looking forward to the good food of Thanksgiving like I am. I can almost taste it now…

So many people out there seem to think that being on a “diet” means you can’t eat or have fun. Much less have fun eating. Come on, who does that?

I do.


photo from: Pinterest

One of the best things to eat on Thanksgiving – in my mind anyway – is turkey.

What would Thanksgiving be without turkey I ask you? For me it wouldn’t be right. There’s something wonderful about the crackling skin, and tender meat. It’s probably why turkey is my favorite meat. So I can’t understand why most people complain about all that leftover turkey.

Until I think about “Canola-Ball” turkeys. Uh, they just don’t do turkey justice. At all.

But, when you try to cook a heritage turkey or a good organic free-range turkey they can end up chewy and tough right?

There’s a is a trick to cooking one.

Trick: Cook it halfway – upside down. Or thigh side up. Whichever terminology you prefer. Then halfway through flip it right side up and finish. (You may have to cover the top the last 30 min or so to keep it from getting to brown).

[title]That’s the trick to a tender turkey.[/title]
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