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Losing Weight Being Healthier Tip #3

I’m so excited to share Tip #3 with you. This tip blew me away, especially with a new video clip I saw last week.

If you haven’t read tip #1 or tip #2 you might want to check them out.

Tip #3 might just be the biggest tip out of this three part series. It’s just that important.

[title]Eat Real Food[/title]
All those little boxes that line our store shelves are fake food. They may taste somewhat like real food or even look like real food to us, but they are filled up with preservatives, dyes, and smothered in artificial or “natural” flavors that taste like the real thing, but really come from a little bottle in a lab somewhere around the world.
Rainbow Cake

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This video clip I saw recently was definitely intended to impress, but I found it bone chilling. Personally I think foods in their natural state, as God made them, taste the best. Smell the best. And are the most satisfying.

Fresh, natural ingredients have the ability to satisfy us in a deep place. A place that all the boxed, canned, and per-processed foods can’t touch. Instead they leave us desiring more.

That’s why I’m committed to eating my food fresh and natural whenever possible. To choose the farm fresh before the microwave dinner. The homemade stock before bullion cubes or canned stock. To choose to go one step above what the companies want me to eat, and to instead eat what’s good for me and my family.

So here is the challenge. I encourage you to try it for at least a week or two, and see the difference. Staying on it, in my opinion is the best thing you can do, but try to do it in a way that it will fit into your lifestyle and stick.

Remember you can always change your life more later.

Try to avoid, whenever possible, artificial or natural flavorings. Choose fresh over store shelf packages. Just try to go the extra step.

[title]Mean and Lean[/title]
Avoid processed foods, especially those with artificial or natural flavorings. Make fresh and homemade a priority.

If you want to learn more about eating a more healthy lifestyle check out the Weston A. Price Foundation.

Why this tip could help you loose weight:

This step is about switching from nutritionally deficient foods to foods bursting with nutrition. This will satisfy your body and your weight should naturally go down. It can be that easy.

Have anymore questions about weight? Feel free to ask me anything!